Terms of use

By using www.tuitionway.com You agree, understand, accept the terms of use and privacy policy of the website. You acknowledge, agree and understand that tuitionway.com. is a platform for posting advertisement on line for educational tutoring purpose only.

    1. Definition :-

  • [a] User/Users : Any person using the services of www.tuitionway.com for posting of learning requirement, searching tutors, surfing the pages, postind advertisements are called User/Users herein.

  • [b] Tuitionway : The website www.tuitionway.com. Is referred or called here as Tuition way.

  • [c] Ads : Advertisement posted by users/user are referred in as Ads.

  • [d] Adscore : Adscore is an index to assign priority for premium Ads. It calculated as amount ÷ No. of localities

  • 2. Content :-

  • [a] You agree that the information provided by you are correct and you agree that you are authorized owner having rights in the information provided.

  • [b] All text, images and contact information posted or uploaded on tuitionway are the sole responsibility of the user.

  • [c] No way Tuitionway will be liable for any content or for any loss incurred as a result of the information provided.

  • 3. Eligibility for posting Ads :-

    Indian citizens of age 18 years or above can post Ads.

    4. Posting of Ads :-

    [A] As per terms of use of Tuition way users will not.

  • [1] Post any indecent, defamatory, abusive content;

  • [2] Upload any image which is indecent;

  • [3] Ads posted must not be false or misleading;

  • [4] Violate any laws;

  • [5] post chairs or send virus that may be detrimental for the Tuition way website;

  • [6] Conduct business dishonestly;

  • [7] Copy, modify or distribute contents of other ads;

  • [8] Post any other services except educational tutoring Ads;

  • [9] Disclose login details, passwords or verification link to third parties including tuitionway users;

  • [10] Impose excessive load on our website or interfere in the proper working of tuitionway website;

  • [11] Data-mining tools and extract data from tuitionway;

  • [12] Include contact nos., e mail ID, website links in the ‘Title’ and ‘Description’ field of posting Ads;

  • [B] There are two types of Ads. Viz.: Free Ads and Premium Ads

  • Free Ads : This Ads can be posted free of cost. But this Ads are limited in accessibility and features.

  • Premium Ads :- Premium Ads are paid Ads having full accessibility features.

    Ads can be posted for a particular city, locality, category and teacher type, This four parameters forms a set and adscores are compared among same sets. Tuitionway gives priority to premium Ad as per Adscore in terms of :-

  • [a] positioning of Ad after search

  • [b] No. of leads provided.

  • There are few other following options available after posting premium Ads.

  • [i] Top-Up :- Users after posting of premium Ad can improve the Ad performance by increasing the amount of bid of the same Ad, thereby improviding the Adscore. However, the validity of the Ad remains same.

  • [ii] Extend :- Users after posting of premium Ad can extend the same Ad for another 60 days. However, the Adscore of the Ad remains the same. Free Ads can also be converted to premium Ads by payment. The validity of the Ad is counted for 60 days after activation of Ad in premium Ads section.

  • 5, General :-

  • [i] Tuitionway has the right to block, unpublish Ads at any point of time without assigning any reasons.

  • [ii] All payments made are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • [iii] Tuitionway is not responsible for any claims or cases in court of law arising out from other tuitionway users whose reputation has been damaged due to an advertisement.

  • [iv] Tuitionway has the right to deny access to the website to any particular users without assigning any reasons.

  • [v] Tuitionway does not guarantee success of the tutoring business of the user. Moreover it does not guarantee any tuition leads to the users posting Ad or users availing tuitionway services.

  • [vi] Tuitionway is not responsible for the authenticity of the Ads posted.

  • [vii] In case of pending / dishonoured payments for any Ads posted, Tuitionway reserves the right to restrict publishing of advertisement and deny access to the user until the amount due has been paid.

  • [6] Sending SMS and e-mails using tuition way platform.

  • [i] Irrelevant or unrelated messages to Ads are prohibited.

  • [ii] Identical or similar message to a particular Ad should not be sent several times.

  • [iii] Insulting messages are barred

  • [iv] Racist, sectarian, religious, earliest messages are strictly prohibited.

  • [7] Jurisdiction :-

    All disputes arising out of will be under the jurisdiction of Kolkata Courts